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It’s time for the next installment of the Book Club! This time around we will be going through Sinclair Ferguson’s The Whole Christ. This book is one of the best modern Christian books out there. I would put it right up there with Mere Christianity. That’s right, I went there.

What is it about? In describing his book Sinclair writes, “It is an extended reflection on theological and pastoral issues that arose in the early eighteenth century, viewed from the framework of the present day” (19). Now if that doesn’t sound like the most boring of all books. The book is really about answering the questions,

“Who is the God whom we come to know in Jesus Christ? What is he really like, truly like, deep down, through and through?”

Page 19

Now that’s more like it! Ferguson does a masterful job of combining history and theology that provokes deep thought into the nature of the gospel. The applications here move us to consider what assurance of salvation actually means. It addresses the dual errors of legalism and anti-nomianism (anti-law, the opposite of a legalist) as well as how grace and obedience relate to one another.

If you are someone who struggles with assurance or legalism this book will be a breath of fresh gospel air. For bibliophiles this work highlights how an obscure and forgotten book can make a huge difference in the lives of many. You can order your copy or if you don’t have time just read along and meditate on the posts I will be putting out two weeks from now.

I look forward to reading with you! You can contact me here.

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